What's in a name?

Hello There!

Naming your business can be a daunting task.  It is your identity.  It is a name that you have to hear and say a million times in a day.  It has to be something that represents you, your values and your product.  

When it came to our name we knew exactly who we were.  We are MacBailey Candle Co.  We are the MacBailey's.  This has been our family identity since we got married and it was only natural that it was what we named our business!  

Let's go back to the beginning.  My name used to be Clara MacMillan.  That is a very strong Scottish name with a long history and family heritage.  It was really hard for me to change it.  I somehow felt like I was loosing my family identity.  I now realize that I am not loosing any identity and I get to be a part of the Bailey family heritage now, which is awesome!  As our wedding approached we started calling ourselves the MacBailey's.  We even used the wedding hashtag #macbailey2014 , our baby hastag #macbaileybaby and now #macbaileycandleco (obviously).   I included some throwback photos of our wedding if you are interested!

Until Next Time,

Clara (and Rich)

Clara Bailey