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Hello There!

We have been busy over here at MacBailey Candle Co!  It has been over a month since we have updated you so let's get to it!

April was an incredibly busy month.  We celebrated our little guy's FIRST birthday!  We can't believe that he is already one year old.  Everyone is always telling us to enjoy this time because it will FLY by.  They are so right.  Denny is getting so big!  He can walk, say a few words and is growing so big!  


He loved his party!  We played in Hampton Park with family and friends.  He loved playing with his new toys with his JoJo (my mom).  He also got a new bike!  He absolutley loves going on walks around the neighborhood to ride his bike. 

We had cake at the end of his party and he was not a fan.  I think that it was just the end of the party and all of the attention was on him and he had a total melt down and passed out.  I think it will be okay if he isn't a fan of cake (lol).


Other than hanging with our little guy we have been hard at work making candles!  The exciting news is that we have been working on some big wholesale orders.  So our days have consisted of going to work and spending the evening working on candles.  Honestly it is so much fun.  We put on some music (usually The Lumineers) and get to work.  We usually listen to The Lumineers while making candles,  it's funny but that's what we did when we first started and now it just gets us in the candle making mood.  

We are so excited to tell you that we are now in Candlefish!  This is our favorite store in Charleston!  It is so cute and they have amazing candles in there.  We actually got started because we took one of their candlemaking classes there.  After that Clara fell in love with pouring candles.  So we ordered a kit and shortly after MacBailey Candle Co was born.  So needless to say Candlefish is very special to us and we are so excited to be a part of it!

We have more wholesale news to bring to you so stay tuned!!

Until next time,

Clara and Rich

MacBailey Candle Co

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