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Spring in the south in a special time.  It is a time when you rock on your front porch, kids are playing in the front yard, honeysuckle and jasmine are blooming all around you, the sky is blue, the water is refreshing, the sun warms your skin and the smell of pluff mud is all around.  

Right now we are experiencing these things because we have had such a warm winter (i mean 70 degree days in FEBRUARY).  This past weekend while out on a walk enjoying this weather we started to think about springtime and inspiration hit us!  We immediately thought that we need to create a scent that embodies this feeling.  As soon as we got home we got to work mixing scents to find this perfect balance of...

"Spring in the South"

We wanted to create a scent that could remind us of spring time in the south. We decided to bring blend a few different scents that reminded us of spring during our childhood in the south and came up with "Spring in the South". It is a blend of honeysuckle, jasmine, basil and herbs. We believe that this scent truly harnesses the beauty of the south in the springtime and can fill your room with the sweet aroma of Charleston.

Until Next Time,

Rich and Clara

MacBailey Candle Co

Clara Bailey