The Lantern Candle

Hello There!

One of our favorite things to do is walk the historic streets of Charleston.  We take every opportunity that we can to explore little alleys and take in all of the historic beauty.  During one of these walks we came up with a new candle design.  We are so excited to introduce to you the Lantern Series candles!  They come in two colors!

The Copper candle is remanencent of the lantern on the streets of the French Quarter in New Orleans.  Just imagine walking down Royal street with a drink in your hand (the beer in the hood* is our personal fav) at dusk with the sun going down, and stopping to listen to original music on the street corner.  All the while the gas lantern light starts to flicker.  This is exactly what happened to us on our first visit to New Orleans.  We were out walking after dinner, grabbed a beer and walked down Royal Street.  At that moment we heard violin music down the street.  We stopped to listen and were taken into another world listening.  This musician was so talented and at that moment there wasn't anywhere that we would rather be.  This vision right here is why we wanted to make this candle.  I want that feeling to be brought into your homes.  Every time that you light this candle think about the feeling that brings.  

The black candle makes us think of a lantern on the top of a Charleston gate.  Or a lantern on the front porch of a house where you could spend hours in the rocking chair.  Before we had Denny Pie we would leave our house and walk down to the battery and back several times a week.  This turned into an 8 mile walk!  We would take different routes, see different homes and end the walk on the edge of the Ashley River and watch the sun set.  You really notice the amazing architecture and different ironwork and gas lanterns when you are on foot!

These stories are our memories, I hope that you bring your lantern candle into your home and it brings back memories for you too.  A night sitting on your grandmothers front porch and hearing her stories, a special trip with your friends or whatever memory it brings.  We want to hear your stories!  Use the hashtag #MacBaileyLanternStories to tell us yours!  

*The Beer in the Hood is Abita Strawberry Beer and UFO Wheat beer mixed together.  They serve this at 801 Royal in New Orleans.  It might sound weird but just the thought of it brings back such wonderful memories of our travels to the Crescent City!

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